Is Elon Musk working on amphibious tech ?

Eton Musk is definitely different, a few weeks after giving Tesla patents to everyone, he is said to be working on amphibious technology, as per autocar website

Redefining the car’s market and uses with his electric technology, launching space X and space city, is he already looking for new challenges ?

His TED talk may be not really recent (2013), but explains his vision…

70 years later, what is left from amphibious vehicles landing on Omaha Beach ?

70 years ago, the allied troops landed on  UtahOmahaGoldJuno and Sword Beach, the amphibious DD tanks among them. 

imageToday, the DD tank is exposed in museum, and may have give the inspiration for the BV206 : 


not to forget the latest amphibious vehicles : quadski, humingda, for the ground vehicles able to go into the water or the iguana yachts or sealegs for the boats able to walk on the ground. Will Obama, Cameron, Putin or Hollande arrive in the ceremony on one of those ?





dday sealegs iguanayachts quadski humingda amphibious

Is amphibious boat the revolution expected by yachting ?

When boating or yachting has become more and more difficult due to the saturation of infrastructures (especially in Europe), the lack of infrastructures (US or Australia for example), the risks of embarking or disembarking, the environmental impacts of marinas, their cost to the users.. The industry and the users are looking for new solutions and perhaps a revolution like the PWC (personal watercraft) in the 90’s… 

Are amphibious boats the answer ? 

So do think new companies such as sealegs (new zeland) or iguana yachts (france). Both believe that amphibious is the evolution, the revolution of yachting. Enabling the boat to go out and in the water autonomously. Sealegs has developed a 3 wheels RIB , Iguana Yachts chose to design an elegant yacht with tracks. They both use a internal gasoline engine and hydraulic transmission to train the boat on the ground. 

amphibious boats technology sealegs iguanayachts